Donna R. Joseph, P.A.,
Making the Needs of Clients the First Order of Business

By Lynn Carroll

For attorney Donna R. Joseph, starting a law practice that puts people first is a second career.  “I was a legal secretary and Realtor before I decided to go to law school,” she says.  While Joseph says her quest for a greater challenge was a factor in that decision, her prime motivation had to do with finding something more personally satisfying.

“I wanted to help people,” she says. “Dealing with people at a difficult time in their lives, and helping them get through it as smoothly as possible, is what I enjoy.”

From her office at 13899 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 142, North Miami Beach, Joseph specializes in bankruptcy, probate, guardianships and wills.           

“I like handling consumer bankruptcy cases, even though these cases have become more burdensome since the bankruptcy law revision of 2005, for both the client and the attorney. I still continue in bankruptcy because I want to help a lot of people, especially with the current state of the real estate market and foreclosures.”

Acting on her dedication to that conviction, Joseph was among members of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys who went to Washington, DC to lobby members of Congress for legislation that would help debtors save their homes from foreclosure.

Probate is an area Joseph also enjoys, not only because it directly helps people through difficult times, but also because the Miami-Dade County Probate Division, resembles a large family.  “For the most part,” she says, “they are a pleasure to work with.”

Given her emphasis on caring and compassionate counseling, it should come as no surprise that Joseph says she conducts her practice with the well-being of clients first in mind. In fact, she says, “caring and compassionate counsel is my motto.”  As part of her education in law, she clerked at a construction litigation firm.  “I found that I wasn’t so interested in that area of law, because it was so concrete,” Joseph jokes.

But she’s very serious when she says, “I’m more of a people-person, and enjoy helping others.” She says she finds clients and colleagues appreciate her policy of discussing details and circumstances so that everyone understands the options.  “There is nothing I enjoy more,” Joseph says, “than a satisfied client I’ve helped avoid the perils of protracted litigation.”

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