Donna gives back to the community by providing pro bono services to local citizens who qualify for the program.  Upon request of the Dade County “Put Something Back” Pro Bono Program, the following “success story” was submitted for publication in the Dade County Bar Association monthly publication in July 2009:

“The client came to us through the Pro Bono Program.  He was virtually homeless as he had been staying at a church and living in his car.  He had $8,000.00 in unsecured debts including a judgment from an automobile accident which caused him to lose his driver’s license.  He wanted to file bankruptcy to get his license back.  We worked with this gentleman to gather the required documents and information even though it was sometimes difficult to reach him, due to changed or disconnected phone numbers, and unavailability due to a hospitalization. Additionally, All debtors must take two credit counseling courses, which in most cases are taken online.  Since the client did not have access to a computer and had limited resources, my assistant helped him take these classes on our computer in our office. 

We truly enjoyed working with this client and were happy to accomplish his goals of eliminating his outstanding debts and getting back his driver’s license.”